Linkury - History And Business Overview

Linkury is a business that has built a complex framework that makes it possible for users across the world to access the vast amount of information available on the internet seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Its most popular product so far is the Smartbar, which is a customizable toolbar in use around the globe for its simplicity and endless options for monetization. By developing its complete line of innovative tools, online content providers, private individuals and even search engines are now able to find the information and make use of it in multiple ways. The products designed by Linkury enable anyone using the internet to carry out more focused searches, share their findings with others and show a quick comparison of search results. For publishers, the tools help them reach a higher level of traffic flow and provide ample advertising opportunities for them to be able to substantially increase their income.

More About the Company and the Line of Products

Linkury has been working in the internet market since first opening in 2009. Since that time, it has carefully researched the market and developed tools that fill the needs of both users and publishers. The products and tools it develops can be used across multiple platforms and gives the publisher an incredible amount of customization possibilities. In addition, Linkury provides publishers using its products with a powerful platform that is simple to use and gives them with all of the necessary tools to implement their products. The SDK that they receive from Linkury helps them to easily create new products and customize them according to the needs and requirements of their users. The publishers are also supported as they launch and begin to promote their new products. Of all of the Linkury line of tools, the Smartbar is the most widely developed and used by publishers and users alike.

A Look Under the Hood

Linkury takes advantage of the powerful Azure platform to develop its products and uses such components as the web resources (aspx/js/html files) and WCF based WS. It integrates with VS2010 and uses SQL azure db for storing metadata and for the settings on applications. Its load balancing mechanism assures the capability to scale on demand so it is available whenever it is needed.

Linkury Smartbar as a White Label Product

The number of users across the world who access the internet via the Linkury Smartbar is increasing for a number of reasons. It is easy to use and conducts comprehensive searches that help the user find alternative solutions. For users who like to share or post on social networking sites such as Facebook, the Smartbar makes it faster and easier. In one click, an image can be uploaded, a status updated or an event shared. Publishers like the Smartbar for different reasons. They can adapt it to the needs of their users and add on widgets that keep the information current. They can adjust the stickiness, which helps increase profits through extended periods of usage.


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